Sunday, March 31, 2013

Balloons and Beauty - Creative Portrait Session in Harford County Maryland

Beautiful portraits can be created anywhere, but it sure is fun to head to a gorgeous location with a few simple props to make some lovely portraits. I have been wanting to use red balloons and this amazing vintage red and black parasol, so I was really excited to finally be able to put together a creative beauty portrait session styled around them.

I style a session with a lot of options, but I don't usually use all of them. I like to have extra props and posing ideas in case I want to change things up when we start shooting. In this case, my green suitcase never ended up making it into the shoot. I am pulling it into a styled beauty session I have scheduled in a few weeks instead.

The balloons, on the other hand, made the cut. 

I love it when a location, props, makeup and wardrobe all come together to help me create the images I'm looking for. Of course, without an amazing woman to hold the balloons and wear the makeup and wardrobe, the images wouldn't happen!

This is pretty close to what I wanted to end up with when I started the session. I love working with textures to enhance a photo and help me get a gorgeous painterly look. This particular texture is from the folks over at Distressed Textures. I adore their overlays.
We actually did three mini shoots in different locations for this session. I don't want to make the post crazy long, so I'm going to stop here for now. I'll blog the parasol in the woods and the stream soon. In the meantime, if you want to build a fun and creative portrait session around a special prop or two, feel free to email me, give me a call at 410-378-4521, or message me on facebook about booking your beauty shoot!

Styling: Katelyn Thomas
Makeup: Aura
Model: Aura
Photographer: Katelyn Thomas

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meadow Post Wedding Photography in Harford County, Maryland - Glam the Dress Session

While your photographer can usually get some absolutely amazing photos of you in your gorgeous wedding dress, sometimes you're faced with problems that leave you without those wow images you were hoping for. Whether it is the weather, the venue, or some other wedding day problem, sometimes it can be hard to get those amazing portraits you were hoping to hang on your wall. So, does that mean you are out of luck? Not at all.

A fun new trend for couples is a day after session, which is held either the day after the ceremony or shortly after you return from your honeymoon. It is a great way to get the wedding couple formals done in a relaxed and fun way a day or two after your wedding. It also is a chance to really take advantage of a gorgeous location, such as a nearby beach or meadow, that you were hoping to use for photos. Plus, getting all dressed up again to spend time together taking romantic photos without the stress of making sure your wedding day goes well? What could be better?

For brides who simply want to have some creative bridal portraits, there is another option - the trash the dress session, which can be scheduled any time after the wedding, usually before you send your dress to be dry cleaned and carefully preserved. I prefer to call it a styled wedding portrait session or a glam the dress session, since few brides actually want to ruin their beautiful gowns.

It is a great idea to have your hair and makeup professionally done for any of these sessions. You may want to use the same makeup artist you used for the wedding day or you may want to experiment with fantasy makeup for a completely different creative look.

To schedule a day after session or styled wedding portrait session, please call 410-378-4521, email me, or message me on facebook. You can also visit the website for more on portrait sessions or for information on booking Katelyn Thomas Photography for your wedding.

Make Up - Brooke Long
Bride - Brooke Long
Styling - Katelyn Thomas
Photography - Katelyn Thomas