Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maryland Faerie Photography - Children's Magical Fairy Portraits

Children's faerie portraits are so fun and entertaining for the little fairies that come in for their sessions. In fact, they are so much fun that they rarely want to leave when their sessions are over! We've had a few special fairies in the studio this spring and are looking forward to another magical Enchanted Forest weekend in our Havre de Grace, Maryland location July 3rd, 18th and 19th!

Here are a few of my favorites from some recent sessions:

Children under the age of 3 rarely are willing to wear wings and headpieces. This tiny fairy princess did wear a floral crown for a few minutes.

When a little girl truly believes in pixie dust and Tinkerbell, there is extra magic in her portraits.
The orb is always a favorite.
Summer Enchanted Forest Fairy sessions are booking now.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Princess Portraits - Children's Photographer - Harford County, Maryland

We've added something fun to our Limited Edition children's photography sessions in the studio in Havre de Grace - Princess Portraits. If your little girl is a fan of princesses, castles and magic, she'll love dressing up in one of our costumes, putting on a crown or a tiara and having her portrait created in one of our themed sets.

Here are a few favorites from the last set of princess sessions:
Princess castle portrait

children's portrait photographer
I offer Limited Edition princess portraits several times a year. If you don't want to wait for Princess Days, I always am happy to book an hour portrait session just for your child with all of the props, sets and costumes! Call, email, or message me on Facebook to book your child's magical princess experience.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Children's Portrait Sessions - Havre de Grace, Maryland - Enchanted Fairy Day Photography

My favorite moment when I am creating heirloom enchanted fairy portraits? Oh, it is so hard to choose. Is it the moment when the child sees a welcome just for her on the chalkboard? Or when she sees a whole rack of pretty costumes? When she picks her headpiece? Her wings? No, I think it is the moment right after she comes in the door and sees the set. That little gasp as she realizes this is not an ordinary day. No, it is a day filled with magic and possibility. Some day, I will have to have a video camera running to capture that expression!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the most recent Fairy Day fun:

If you have a little girl who loves the magic of fairies, princesses and pixie dust, keep an eye out for my upcoming enchanted fairy day photography event on April 11th and 12th in the studio in Havre de Grace, Maryland. These days do fill fast, as I only have a limited number of openings and they are hugely popular with girls ages 3-9. (And some of their brothers, who channel their inner Pan or grab a fishing pole for their portraits.)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Limited Edition Children's Heirloom Fairy Portrait Sessions in Havre de Grace, Maryland

One of my favorite in studio sessions is a fairy portrait shoot. I love creating these heirloom children's portraits because they are just magical. The kids really enjoy their experience, too. Often, the little fairy princess wants to stay and play in the set after we are done or asks to change into a second outfit and do another set of portraits. (I have an extensive collection of costumes and props.)

Here is a sneak peek of a recent session with a lovely girl who is younger than the 3-9 year old range of most my fairies, but who is so sweet and has the BEST manners! We had fun with her session and she did an amazing job.

Faerie Photography Harford County MD

These Enchanted Forest Fairy Days have special pricing. They are $79 for the session and an 8x10 deluxe print. I will be offering fairy portraits on April 11th and 12th  in the studio in Havre de Grace, MD. To book your little girl's magical photography appointment, call 410-378-4521 or contact me by e-mail or through facebook's messenger.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On Location Senior Portraits in Cecil County, Maryland

Does going on location to create senior portraits with a fashion edge during a session designed around you sound like the experience you want? This senior's session was held in two locations in Cecil County - Colora and the historic town of Port Deposit, Maryland.

These styled sessions include up to three locations and three to five outfit changes. This particular lovely young woman is not finished, as we will meet up again after she has her team uniform to create additional images. I often schedule a dual appointment slot for seniors who play sports or have other interests because they want to have some portraits done with outfits they don't have yet or want to focus on fashion one day and their horse the next.

Want to experience a fashion edges shoot designed around your interests and ideas for your senior portraits? Call, e-mail or facebook me to set up your session for 2015.