Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Queen Creative Fashion Shoot in Harford County, Maryland

One of the creative fashion shoots I've been planning for 2013 is a snow queen themed session. After months of planning, we finally were able to head to Harford County, Maryland to put it all together.

I always like to start with a few simple shots for the make up artist's portfolio. This way, stray raindrops, dust and whatnot don't have time to mess up the look before I get them.

Then, I get to move on to the fun creative shots. It was pretty cold the day we did this shoot, so I had to work fast and be sure my very patient model was able to take breaks to warm up.

I bring about 3 times the wardrobe pieces and accessories I think I'll need for a shoot. I also try to be sure I have a lot of flexibility in the pieces I choose. This coat reversed has a little different look than it does when worn the right way.

When you start to feel a little stale, start moving. In this case, I asked my model to twirl around holding her skirt, which helped "reset" her a bit. It ended up being one of my favorite images.

Wardrobe: Katelyn Thomas Photography
Make Up: It's Just Makeup
Model: April Crouse
Photographer: Katelyn Thomas Photography

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Wedding Style Trends for 2013

You're engaged! Congratulations! Now, if you've been planning to make your special day a DIY event, you're probably feeling thrilled to be marrying your soul mate, but a little overwhelmed at the thought of putting your wedding together. There are so many color schemes, themes and venues to choose from. So many little details to decide on.

How about starting with a look at some of the top wedding style trends for 2013? Designing everything around a key piece or idea can help create a pulled together, inviting look you'll be proud of.

Wedding Color Trends for 2013

I do believe I've seen mint green just about everywhere. It is a lovely, romantic color perfect for a spring or early summer wedding. Another trend I've seen a lot of is the blush pink wedding gown. Think Easter egg colors - muted, soft and a little dreamy. Too soft for you? Try an ombre theme that uses different hues of the same color. If you're planning a late summer or fall wedding, you might want to opt for an elegant gold hue in your color palette. Red and black are also trending colors. (And while black is a bit severe for my taste, some of the black and white gowns I've seen on the runway were just divine. Check out Douglas Hannant's black and white print wedding dress or Alfred Angelo's gorgeous white gown with black accents and you'll see what I mean.)

Wedding Look Trends for 2013

If color isn't as important as the overall theme of the wedding, you may want to draw your inspiration from one of the vintage themes that are trending in popularity this year. The 1920's flapper inspired wedding dress trend is just gorgeous, as are the more structured peplum 40's style bridesmaid dresses that have been coming down the runway. Need inspiration for the 20's trend? Watch The Great Gatsby. For the 40's trend, check out the classic Thin Man movies, especially the last three, which were filmed after 1940.

If you aren't inspired by retro style, you might want to consider a classic trend - nature. I've seen a lot of little birds, moss and bark. I must admit, I wasn't sure that feathers would still be going strong after the last few years of fluffy goodness, but I was happy to see they are still being featured by several designers. I think feathers and 20's style go together like ham and eggs. They just belong to each other, you know?  The nature trend also goes beautifully with delicate floral crowns, which some designers were sending down the runway with their 2013 wedding gowns.(Claire Pettibone is my new favorite designer. Her crowns and beautiful gown details...Just yummy. But Oscar de la Renta also had some nice floral crowns in his 2013 collection.)

Is there a wedding trend for 2013 that you're excited about?