Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Location Christmas Portrait Photography in Harford County, Maryland

I love doing on location Christmas portraits with children. They just relax and have fun so much more easily than when we are in the studio. This sweet little girl and her mom met me in Harford County for her session. Isn't her coat downright gorgeous? It is totally perfect for the little princess wearing it!

Every year, I feel a little blue when all that gorgeous fall foliage is gone. And every year, I have a session soon afterward and realize that I adore the look of winter sessions, too. The only sign of autumn leaves is in the debris on the ground, but the amazing light and the lovely tree trunks completely make up for it, don't they?
 It is a bit late to schedule sessions for Christmas cards now, but there's always Happy New Year's cards! Call me at 410-378-4521, drop me an e-mail, or message me on facebook to set up your on location family or child portrait session.

Friday, November 23, 2012

On Location Senior Model Portrait Session in North East Maryland

Meet Kendal, one of KTP's senior models for 2014. I'm excited to be working with this young woman, who is very involved in her school and a number of extra curricular activities. I'm not quite sure how she finds the time to do it all!

It is a good idea to go with at least one outfit change for added variety. I encourage seniors to also consider at least two locations. If we start at a park or the stable, we can move to a more urban area, or at least go to a nearby town.
My senior models all receive professionally printed rep cards.
It is time to start booking your class of 2013 senior portrait session now. I work with seniors in Cecil and Harford County, Maryland, the Newark, Delaware area and the Oxford, Pennsylvania area. Further away? Ask about my travel plans.

I am still looking for 2014 senior models for several area schools. If you are outgoing and love glamming up, please feel free to fill out the senior model application.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maryland High School Portraits - on Location in Port Deposit

We've all been there. Halfway through the day, a ketchup stain on your shirt, hair gone limp and it is finally your turn to spend about 30 seconds on the stool in front of the same backdrop you sat in front of the year before. Yup. School picture day. You so don't want to send that mugshot to your family and friends. Don't you wish you could have a do over?

That's where your local portrait photographer comes in handy. You can have a do over. A session focused just on you, either on location or in studio. Can't decide? Do a split session and have both. School portrait sessions are also perfect for homeschoolers who want to be able to send wallets to family and friends just like everyone else.

Not your average school picture. On location in Port Deposit, Maryland
A smile for mom...
Vintage look with a fashion edge
Another smile for mom.
(One of my favorite things about my business is the wonderful people I meet. This talented young woman is going places.)

Has your family's school picture day experience been less than epic? Wishing your homeschooled children could have school pictures, too? Contact me at 410-378-4521, e-mail me, or facebook me to set up a session.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Styled Wedding Portraits in Havre de Grace, Maryland

Wedding photography on the day of the event doesn't always translate to gorgeous wall portraits. Maybe your special day didn't have the best weather. Maybe you didn't hire a professional photographer and regret not having some lovely photos to commemorate your day. Maybe there just wasn't time to fit some fun and creative on location photography into your tightly scheduled program. Whatever the reason, why not pull out your wedding gown and tux, find a great spot for on location photography and get some styled wedding portraits you can proudly display on the wall?

For this on location wedding portrait shoot in Havre de Grace, Maryland, I coordinated a makeup artist, hair stylist, bridal model and groom model. (If you were happy with your wedding day look, I recommend that you have your makeup and hair done by the same stylists you used then so that you don't struggle with trying to get it to look the same way on your own. If you want a different look, I have several excellent artists I can refer you to.)

Despite stormy skies, I worked with my bride and groom models to create some edgy fashion forward portraits.

Since we didn't have a bouquet for the bride, I created one with paper roses from map pages.
The bridal beauty portraits are the ones that go in a frame on the groom's desk for years to come.

Sometimes, you fall in love with more than one gown. A quick change, a new location and you get double the portrait fun.
Wishing you had some lovely wedding images to display in your home or in a beautifully designed album? Contact me at 410-378-4521 or by e-mail to set up your on location bridal portraits in the Cecil or Harford County, the Newark, Delaware, or the Oxford, Pennsylvania area.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Location Themed Beauty Portrait Session in Harford County, Maryland

The other day, we headed to Jerusalem Mill Village for some themed portrait shoot fun. These types of sessions are so fun to do and give you some very special images that make lovely gift albums for a significant other. Get pampered with professional hair and makeup, get in touch with your inner flapper or fairy tale character and end up with a truly unique Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.

I designed this 8x8 album page to showcase a part of a flapper themed session with a bit of a boudoir edge.
While you can do your entire session as your alter ego, you may want to change costumes or do a split traditional beauty/themed session, too. This can really help make a spectacular traditional album or custom accordion mini album and gives you some great options for prints or a calendar, too.
This 8x8 album page showcases a quirky flower child themed part of the session
Have some fun with a campy pinup fairytale look. In this album page from the shoot, Little Red Riding Hood is checking to see if Grandma is home.
To set up your themed beauty session in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware area, contact me at 410-378-4521, drop me an email, or message me on facebook.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Location Family Portraits in North East, Maryland

I had such a great time photographing this lovely, fun family the other day. We met up in North East, Maryland for a relaxed, on location photo shoot.

The primary focus of this session was to have a family portrait done. I posed the family in several spots to get a variety of family portrait poses for them to choose from.
When someone asks for a family portrait session, I like to do a few individual portraits of the kids and portraits of mom and dad together, too. It only takes a few extra moments and is a great option for collages, photo books, or just some fresh facebook profile and timeline images.
It is important that everyone has fun when I'm doing family portraits. The kids wanted to join mom and dad on the log and the littlest looked a little sad when I posed him behind the log between mom and older sister. I brought him around to sit on the log and he was all smiles.

Have you had your family's portrait done recently? If not, the lovely fall weather and beautiful foliage makes this the perfect time to schedule a session. Family portraits are a wonderful way to capture memories of your children as they grow and change and make thoughtful gifts for loved ones during the holiday season.

You can contact me at 410-378-4521 or by email to schedule a session for portraits in the Cecil/Harford County, Maryland, Delaware, or Oxford, Pennsylvania area.

Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Wedding Shoes - Cecil County Maryland Bridal Portrait Photographer

We are already into the fall wedding photography season here in Cecil County, Maryland. I thought it would be nice to share a quick little DIY wedding shoes tip for brides who want the high end wedding shoe look without spending several hundred dollars. It takes a bit of luck to snag a pair of lovely heels from your local designer discount shop for only $3, so you might end up spending more than the $3.25 this pair cost, but you can definitely manage this look for less than $50.

Simply buy a pretty pair of heels with elegant lines and a small amount of tulle. Make two rosettes of equal size from the tulle by cutting it in half and then bunching each half into a pleasing shape. Tack the tulle into place with needle and thread. Sew a small hair clip to the back of each rosette. Then, attach a rosette to each heel in a spot that looks pleasing to your eye.

If you're short on time and don't want to mess with making rosettes, check your local accessory store hair aisle. There are usually all kinds of great hair accessories that could be clipped onto shoes to give them some extra glam.

Just remember, while the details can really make a wedding beautiful, the most important thing is that you are celebrating the love you have found with your soul mate.

Looking for engagement or bridal portraits in Cecil County, Maryland or the surrounding area? I'd be delighted to talk with you about creating some beautiful memories of this special time in your life. Please feel free to e-mail me to discuss your photography needs.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips for Taking Great Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Detail Shots

Weddings are all about two loving hearts being united as one. But the details mean a lot, too, especially the ones that have sentimental value. One of the most important details of the day is the ring. Almost every photographer gets the essential exchange of the rings shots. However, if there is extra time, it can be fun to get some more creative shots of the rings, too. These images are great in albums or a storyboard collage print.

(Doing detail shots yourself to show off your new rings? Marrying creativity and caution is essential. You'll want to avoid any ideas that could result in damage or loss of the rings. You also may want to actually use someone to act as a "spotter" for some shots or have a safety net, like a box on a stool, under the rings in case they drop. )

Wedding rings on an abandoned birdhouse perch

Detail shot of wedding rings on birdhouse perch

 When you are having a DIY wedding filled with gorgeous things you created, a macro lens is the perfect choice for capturing all the little details. I recently added some new macro filters that allow me to use a lighter lens to take handheld detail photos instead of hauling out the tripod and using my heavy macro lens. I especially love using it to get those fun wedding ring detail shots.

Placing the rings in a flower blossom allows you to create a pretty backdrop in even the plainest setting.
Setting a scene in the bride's dressing room allows you to get some pretty detail shots with other special items, like grandma's vintage beads.

I'll leave you with a few more tips for taking photos of your engagement ring and wedding band.
  1. Make sure your rings are sparkling clean before you photograph them. Dirt and dust really show up, especially if you try some macro shots.
  2. If you are using an automatic point and shoot camera, you'll see a little flower icon somewhere on it. This is your close up, or macro, setting. If you can't find it, check your instruction manual. It may be an option in your camera's menu.
  3. Look for somewhere with plenty of nice light, but avoid sticking your rings on a rock at noon and snapping away. a wide windowsill or a porch would be a better option when the sun is really intense.
  4. Have fun! Be creative and experiment. Look for pretty spots and set up a little scene for your rings.
  5. Try and try again. You might have to redo your photos several times to get some good images, especially if you don't usually take macro shots.
If you get frustrated and decide taking photos of your rings isn't working out, just ask your engagement or wedding photographer to take some detail shots.If he or she is anything like me, the photographer already has plans to do so!

Just got engaged? I'd be delighted to help you create some memories of this wonderful time in your life. I offer on location engagement portrait sessions in Cecil and Harford County, Maryland and the Newark, Delaware and Oxford, Pennsylvania area. Contact me to set up your session, message me on Katelyn Thomas Photography's facebook page or visit my portrait photography website for more information.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun On Location Family Portrait Session in Cecil County, Maryland

Late summer and early fall are popular times to have a family portrait done. You are close enough to the holidays to avoid having any of the kids changing their appearance drastically by then and the weather is just gorgeous. (During hotter times, I recommend scheduling early morning or evening sessions so you are nice and comfortable.)

Going on location to a park or another fun spot, like the ice cream shop, can be a great way to get your kids excited about their family portraits. We went to Marina Park in Port Deposit, Maryland for this fun and relaxed photo session.
Family portrait in Marina Park in Port Deposit, Maryland

Friday, July 13, 2012

On Location Maryland Beauty Portraits - Fashion Photography on the Waterfront

When you love clothes and remember the fun of childhood dress up games, beauty portraits that have a fashion photography edge are a great idea. For this session, we headed to the waterfront for a fashion shoot with a beautiful fascinator and a tea length ballet skirt.

With fashion photography, less is often more. A few well chosen accessories are all you need.
Putting the emphasis on the fascinator gives this image a very fashion forward look.
Finding backdrops that fit the accessories adds to the fashion shoot feel.   
A styled session like this is the perfect option for a high school senior looking for a Maryland senior portrait experience that doesn't look or feel like anything like those high school gym portraits that go in the yearbook. Professional makeup*, wardrobe consultation, styling help and a shoot on location (or in several locations) gives a definite "model for a day" feel that is a lot of fun.

* If you'd like professional makeup and don't have a make up artist you use, be sure to let me know at the time of booking. There are several awesome artists I work with who will come on location with us to give you beautiful makeup that looks very natural and lovely. Their fees are usually $100 for makeup and basic hair styling for senior/beauty portraits, payable to the artist at the time of service.

Makeup and modeling by Sara Black. Styling and photography by Katelyn Thomas Photography.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Location Family Portrait Session - Havre de Grace, Maryland Photographer

Summer is so crammed with fun and photo shoots that it is hard to fit everything in, but we are sure trying! I am only halfway through writing last week's blog and it is already time for this week's. I wanted to take a moment to share a fun Maryland family portrait session at Tydings Memorial Park in Havre de Grace from the other day. This sweet little guy had his eye on a cool toy and was such a trouper. Smiles galore!

On location Maryland family portrait session collage created using a modified template from Ashe Designs.
I love early morning sessions for families because the kids are rested and raring to go. They have a lot more patience for things like sitting still and smiling for formal portraits when they want to be heading to the swing set or checking under a promising rock for bugs.

Of course, I still try to keep the posed portion of a session short and sweet when I'm working with a family. When I see the edges of the kids' patience fraying, I wrap up fast and move on to more candid shots as they explore their surroundings. (And I end their session with a little prize so they know I appreciate them putting on those itchy dress up clothes instead of their batman capes and rain boots and doing such an awesome job smiling for the camera so their mom can have a family portrait.)

If you don't have a recent family portrait, this is the perfect time to schedule one. The light is beautiful, early mornings are still cool and comfortable and the kids are all rosy cheeked and mellow from a few weeks of vacation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Location Senior Photos in Port Deposit, Maryland

I had such a great time working with this talented and lovely young woman during our split studio and on location senior portrait session in Maryland. Since she is a singer and musician, we had some fun with props that were related to her talents as well as doing some of the more edgy fashion photos to show off her rockin dresses.

We stepped outside the studio and into the garden for some lovely images that matched the dress and pearls.

You don't have to travel far for some fun on location senior portrait images. This one was taken on a patio. 
Our next on location senior photo shoot was the waterfront in Port Deposit, Maryland.

Port Deposit is famous for its granite.
Senior portrait sessions are often split between the studio and on location because moms and grandmoms still want a few traditional drape shots.
Since we were already in the studio, I grabbed some vintage sheet music (Yes, I just have random stuff like that in the prop closets...) and we got some fun shots that were a tribute to this talented senior's singing ability.
When she pulled out her favorite sheet music of all time, we grabbed a few close ups.
I like to complete a senior portrait session with this shot - standing in the middle of the road to symbolize the fact that childhood is behind her and she is ready to begin the exciting and challenging journey into the rest of her life.

Well, class of 2012, this lovely young woman is my last senior from your year! Time to say congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You've worked hard for 13 years to get to this spot, from Kindergarten finger painting to 12th grade English term papers. I couldn't be more proud of the young men and women who are on their way to moving Cecil County forward for the next few decades. I wish you all success (and a bit of fun!) as you begin the next phase of your life, whether it is college, vocational school, or a new job.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Special Beauty Portrait Package for July - Cecil and Harford County, Maryland

If you are a fan of my facebook page or subscribe to my email newsletter, you are already aware that July is all about beauty and fashion here at Katelyn Thomas Photography.

Not sure if you want to get your portrait done all by your lonesome? I'd be happy to work with you to create the perfect beauty portrait party package. Invite some friends over, get your makeup done and take turns getting your portraits done. I'll add a keepsake mini accordion album of the event for each guest to your package and the party hostess will get to choose a nice bonus gift, such as a gift certificate for a family session in the future or a personalized rubber iPhone cover. (Party packages do not need to be booked for the week of July 23rd to have makeup included.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creative Umbrella Beauty Portrait Session on the Susquehanna River in Perryville, Maryland

What do you do when you have an awesome red and white umbrella, red vintage beads and a perfect location in Perryville, Maryland for an edgy fashion forward beauty portrait session? Well, you put it all together, of course! A themed photography shoot really can help take your session from lovely to "Wow!"
We could have just gone for some fun beauty head shots with whatever outfit the client arrived in and some random makeup. Instead, we went with a few general guidelines for wardrobe and makeup ahead of time. I recommended jeans and a shirt, a white dress or a red and white polka dot dress and red shoes. I wanted red lips and Jessica suggested something a bit less dramatic than a smokey eye. The result? Something a bit more special than pretty pictures of a lovely woman.
For the best result, consider having your makeup and hair done by a professional. I have worked with several great artists who are great with doing just the right amount of makeup for a photo shoot.

Evening light is perfect for an on location beauty portrait session like this one.
I like to add a few soft black and white images to every session. They are especially important when you're using bold colors, since black and white will blend beautifully with any decor and allow clients to give a beautifully framed canvas print from even the most colorful session to a loved one with a more conservative color palette.
This image is what I envisioned the moment I saw the big red and white umbrella. If you have a special prop you'd like to use in your session, let me know ahead of time so I can work on ideas for incorporating it into your shoot and provide some suggestions for your wardrobe and makeup.

You don't need to use all your props in every photo. Sometimes, you may just want to use one for a pop of color. Some photos may not have any props. All together, they still tell a lovely story.

After I've got the more traditional photos done, I like to pull out some creative lenses to get a few fun artsy shots. This image is done with one of the amazing Lensbaby lenses.

Close up beauty photos that show expressive eyes and a lovely face aren't the whole story. I like to do a few poses that show at least a peek at where we are, too.

If you don't have any fun props, don't feel like you can't have a session like this, too. My studio contains more hats than Imelda Marcus has shoes and a whole closet filled with a variety of other props like chairs and vintage suitcases. I'd love to help you put together a session that showcases your love of music, your dream of travel, or something else that is an important part of your life.

Remember, July is beauty/fashion month here at the studio. Book an appointment for the week of July 23rd and get professional makeup by Ren and two beautiful little accordion albums included with your basic, standard, or deluxe session package. Call 410-378-4521, e-mail me, or message me on facebook to book your session.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Junkyard Beauty Portraits - Fashion Glamour Photography in Maryland

Earlier this year, I had a chance to do an on location beauty portrait shoot with a lovely model in an amazing junkyard. Makeup by Ren did the makeup and hair. Gretchen Johnson Glam did the styling. This summer, during the week of July 23rd, I'm teaming up with Ren to do a week of on location fashion glamour photography in the Cecil County, Maryland, Harford County, Maryland, Newark, Delaware and Chester County, Pennsylvania area.

During this week, makeup is included in the Basic, Standard and Deluxe session packages. In addition, you receive two lovely little accordion albums and $50 off the package of your choice.

Here's a look at Ren's beautiful makeup job and some of the fun fashion style beauty portraits we ended up with!
Beauty portrait close up

Edgy fashion photography

Fun glamour portrait in Nottingham, PA

On location beauty photography

Maryland beauty photography

Relaxed and fun beauty portrait session
If you want to take advantage of the special make up enhanced beauty portrait package for the week of July 23rd, call 410-378-4521, e-mail me or message me on facebook to hold your time slot. I am limiting the number of sessions to be sure you really get the one on one attention and pampering you deserve. (Class of 2013 seniors looking for special outdoor senior portraits that have a fashion edge are also welcome to book a beauty session.)