Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Recent Publications and Other News

I am still working on the new studio, so am only offering on location or studio grounds portraits at the moment. 

I've had several new pieces published recently:

  • What Color Do You Want to Paint Your Lion will appear in Shot Glass Journal #24
  • The Uneasiness of Librarianship and The Stapler have been accepted for publication in Tell-Tale Inklings #4, out this spring.
  • An untitled six word story will be published in The Gravity of the Thing's upcoming issue.
  • They Said It Is too Cold for Snow will appear in One Person's Trash.
  • Letter to the Squirrel on Stokes Street has been accepted for Civilized Beasts Volume III, an anthology that will be available through Amazon shortly.
  • Upon Causing Disappointment is now up at formercactus. 
  • The Rush is publishing Bus Stop in their upcoming issue. 
  • The Visitors is up at 101 Words.
I have been slowing down on submissions of late. Last year, I challenged myself to submit until I was rejected 100 times and I did. It takes quite a bit of time to submit to magazines you think will be a good fit, as you need to read at least some of the accepted pieces and do a thorough read of the mag's submission policies before making a decision on whether to submit there. I have a number of submissions still pending response, so I am not rushing to get any new work out there. 

I do have five poems to revise and a few flash pieces I'm working on. Perhaps I will give myself a challenge this year, too. Another 100 rejections? Along the way, you do pick up quite a few acceptances, so why not?

I still have my most promising two picture book manuscripts out there waiting. If they are rejected, they'll go right back out to a new publisher, as they get very encouraging feedback with their biannual rejections. (Picture book publishers often take up to a year to respond.)