Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun Things to Do in Cecil County, Maryland This Summer

People who are used to the hustle and bustle of the city often struggle to find things to do in our lovely rural area. While I'm doing an on location family portrait in Port Deposit or setting up a beauty session for a busy Rising Sun mom, I am used to hearing, "Sooo...I just moved here from (insert city name here) and there doesn't seem to be much to do around here." The thing is, we have an absolute ton of things to do in Cecil County, but it takes time to find all the events and the great places to hang out with your kids and all the don't miss events. How about if I give you a little head start on your treasure hunt? Here are some great things to do with your kids in Port Deposit, Rising Sun, Fair Hill and Perryville:

  1. Visit the Plumpton Park Zoo - I love this little rescue zoo. It has recently been purchased by a new family and they have done just incredible things to improve it. Local families know buying a membership is the way to go, because the kids want to go back again and again to explore a place that is just the right size for having fun without getting overtired. And then, when they are done exploring, they know they can head to the playground equipment beside the eating area. 
  2. Check out the Cecil County Fair - This very nice fair up in the Fair Hill area has been voted Maryland's best by one of the regional magazines. Rides, livestock exhibits, 4H displays and the famous demolition derby make this a fun outing, especially if the weather isn't super hot for July. 
  3. Sunfest - Every year, the town of Rising Sun throws a party. In 2012, it is on June 2nd. There's an idol competition, trips to the zoo, face painting and more.
  4. Port Palooza - Port Deposit has a street festival on the first Monday of every month from May to October. The town promises great music, great food and plenty of vendors. (The white pizza from Delorenzo's is my personal favorite, with the turkey reuben at C.M. Tugg's running a very close second.) 
  5. Cecil County Public Library - The summer programs are really awesome. And they are free. All you have to do is sign up for each program you would like to attend. Join the summer reading program for adults and have the kids sign up for their summer reading programs while you are there. The prizes are really nice - what kid wouldn't want to read a few books so he or she is able to drop a ticket in the box for the new bike drawing? 
I've barely scratched the surface with these places and events, so I'll probably be posting some more of my favorites in a few days. (Best ice cream I've ever had made right from the cows on the farm behind the shop anyone?)
There are bears, buffalo and Jimmy the giraffe at the Plumpton Park Zoo, but the prairie dogs are our favorites.


  1. Awesome! If I am ever in the area, I'll know where to go! :)

  2. Fun I wish I lived there.

  3. Looks like so much fun stuff to do! What great info!

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