Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Wedding Shoes - Cecil County Maryland Bridal Portrait Photographer

We are already into the fall wedding photography season here in Cecil County, Maryland. I thought it would be nice to share a quick little DIY wedding shoes tip for brides who want the high end wedding shoe look without spending several hundred dollars. It takes a bit of luck to snag a pair of lovely heels from your local designer discount shop for only $3, so you might end up spending more than the $3.25 this pair cost, but you can definitely manage this look for less than $50.

Simply buy a pretty pair of heels with elegant lines and a small amount of tulle. Make two rosettes of equal size from the tulle by cutting it in half and then bunching each half into a pleasing shape. Tack the tulle into place with needle and thread. Sew a small hair clip to the back of each rosette. Then, attach a rosette to each heel in a spot that looks pleasing to your eye.

If you're short on time and don't want to mess with making rosettes, check your local accessory store hair aisle. There are usually all kinds of great hair accessories that could be clipped onto shoes to give them some extra glam.

Just remember, while the details can really make a wedding beautiful, the most important thing is that you are celebrating the love you have found with your soul mate.

Looking for engagement or bridal portraits in Cecil County, Maryland or the surrounding area? I'd be delighted to talk with you about creating some beautiful memories of this special time in your life. Please feel free to e-mail me to discuss your photography needs.


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