Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maryland High School Portraits - on Location in Port Deposit

We've all been there. Halfway through the day, a ketchup stain on your shirt, hair gone limp and it is finally your turn to spend about 30 seconds on the stool in front of the same backdrop you sat in front of the year before. Yup. School picture day. You so don't want to send that mugshot to your family and friends. Don't you wish you could have a do over?

That's where your local portrait photographer comes in handy. You can have a do over. A session focused just on you, either on location or in studio. Can't decide? Do a split session and have both. School portrait sessions are also perfect for homeschoolers who want to be able to send wallets to family and friends just like everyone else.

Not your average school picture. On location in Port Deposit, Maryland
A smile for mom...
Vintage look with a fashion edge
Another smile for mom.
(One of my favorite things about my business is the wonderful people I meet. This talented young woman is going places.)

Has your family's school picture day experience been less than epic? Wishing your homeschooled children could have school pictures, too? Contact me at 410-378-4521, e-mail me, or facebook me to set up a session.

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