Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Queen Creative Fashion Shoot in Harford County, Maryland

One of the creative fashion shoots I've been planning for 2013 is a snow queen themed session. After months of planning, we finally were able to head to Harford County, Maryland to put it all together.

I always like to start with a few simple shots for the make up artist's portfolio. This way, stray raindrops, dust and whatnot don't have time to mess up the look before I get them.

Then, I get to move on to the fun creative shots. It was pretty cold the day we did this shoot, so I had to work fast and be sure my very patient model was able to take breaks to warm up.

I bring about 3 times the wardrobe pieces and accessories I think I'll need for a shoot. I also try to be sure I have a lot of flexibility in the pieces I choose. This coat reversed has a little different look than it does when worn the right way.

When you start to feel a little stale, start moving. In this case, I asked my model to twirl around holding her skirt, which helped "reset" her a bit. It ended up being one of my favorite images.

Wardrobe: Katelyn Thomas Photography
Make Up: It's Just Makeup
Model: April Crouse
Photographer: Katelyn Thomas Photography

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