Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy Floral Crown Tutorial for DIY Brides

Floral crowns were a big wedding trend for last year's brides and are still pretty popular this year, especially for spring and summer ceremonies. You can buy a lovely handmade crown on Etsy, but they are pretty easy to make on your own, too.

To do this quick and easy DIY project, you will need:
- Several bunches of artificial flowers (I got mine from the dollar store - enough to make 3 crowns for $7.)
- Heavy florist's wire
- Hot glue
- Florist's tape

Simply bend some heavy florist's wire into a circle that is big enough to fit nicely on your head. Then, pull the flowers off of the artificial stems they are attached to. If any of the flowers seem like them will fall apart now that they are off the stem, secure them with hot glue. Arrange the flowers in a pleasing design. I went with a half circle of flowers for the first crown and a 3/4 circle for the second. The third has a few flowers spaced evenly around the crown.

Once you are happy with your design, glue the flower that will be on the center front of the crown into place on your wire circle. Glue a flower to each side. Continue until all the flowers are attached to the circle.

Step back and take a good look at your crown. If it looks great, you are ready to wrap the exposed wire portion of the crown with florist's tape to make it look finished. If not, add more flowers between the ones already glued into place.

How easy was that? And it only cost a few dollars!

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