Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Tips for Designing Senior Announcements - Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer

I love designing graduation announcements for my awesome clients! (Seriously, I have had the greatest high school seniors come in for their photos and we have so much fun creating styled portrait sessions, from edgy grunge to fashion looks!) I've learned a few things through the years and thought I'd share some of my favorite tips for creating great announcements.
  1.  Keep it simple - Elaborate text, a ton of colors and all kinds of graphics will end up making your cards look chaotic and confusing.
  2.  Remember the rule of 3 - Fonts that is. You should avoid using more than 3 font types in any piece you design. If you want more variety, try bolding text, using italics, or changing the font size or color.
  3. Heavy is best - Light weight paper, such as computer paper, doesn't feel nice. It always gives a
    less expensive appearance.
  4.  Go big - One large image creates so much more on an impact than 25 small ones. I recommend going with no more than four images on the front of the card.
  5. Get help - I am always happy to design announcement cards using any images my seniors have purchased in at 8x10 size or larger at no charge and will be happy to quote prices for professional printing, as well. If you don't have a photographer who provides design help, you can usually find a nice template through a printing service. (I recommend MPix to my clients who want to print their own, as they do a good job with providing quality work.)
Didn't have your photos done yet? I provide on location styled senior portraits in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, as well as in studio sessions in the historic town of Port Deposit. Contact me at 410-378-4521, e-mail me, or message me on facebook to talk about setting up your boutique portrait session.

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