Monday, June 2, 2014

Be Still Week 3 - Peony Awakened

I put together a whole series of styled still life photos with a peony, a shabby green children's chair and a gauze scarf I hand dyed with eco-friendly natural dyes. At the last minute, I pulled out my iPad and took this shot. It ended up being my favorite and I processed the photo completely with apps. Here's Peony Awakened:

A close second? Consider the Lilies. (Referencing the Sermon on the Mount. Many scholars think that the lilies in the famous verse actually were anemones or poppies.) For this one, I used a rustic crate and burlap as styling elements.



  1. Love the textures of the gauze, and burlap and crate. Such a lovely contrast to the delicate flowers. : )

  2. Lovely images! sometimes the phones and ipads just make the best art!!

  3. How fun that you went with the iPad, I use my iPhone to take a shot just to see what I am getting and to also put on IG after I am finished with my shots with my Canon. Lovely creations.