Saturday, April 14, 2012

Civil War Encampment - Cecil County Event Photographer

I do love re-enactments. There is really no better way to learn history. Take this Civil War encampment in Perryville, Maryland I got to shoot over the weekend. I learned that a good re-enactor will know how to stack his rifle in this teepee style fashion. Soldiers did this to keep their guns out of the mud and close at hand. How cool is that?
Stacking rifles appears to be quite an art. (Taken with my new, fun micro 4/3 camera and a quirky art filter.)

I also learned that the Union soldiers abandoned a lot of gear, like their incredibly heavy greatcoats, along the side of the road in the summer months. And food? Hard tack is something you chew and chew and...chew. So thankful for the nice soft dinner roll I enjoyed with my polenta a few hours later!

In between learning all the cool, historical tidbits, I had fun shooting the actual event. The men were learning to march in step, present arms and load their rifles. (And that is NOT easy. percussion caps and tearing powder packets open with their teeth...I was glad I was firing cameras and not rifles!)
The two sides were drilling together in the morning in perfect harmony. All that, of course, would change during an actual battle re-enactment.

A Confederate cap sits abandoned on a twig. The owner says all that wool gets mighty hot during summer re-enactments.

The Union soldiers review the loading procedures for their muskets. 
If you get a chance to visit one of these wonderfully educational events with your family, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I had such fun!

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  1. This must have been so much fun to capture! I know my hubby would love it!