Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun Cecil County Family Portrait Session

I like to make taking portraits at least a little fun after the kids got all dressed up and agreed to do a family photo session to make their mom happy. So, we started out pretty traditional. We got the standard family portrait shots and the nice head shots of these absolute cuties and their lovely mom.

Then, their mom mentioned wanting something silly, so I invited them to goof off. It started with the standard little things we do when people take our photos. But I just knew they could have a little more fun than that.


  And I was right! How cute and happy are they? Seriously. Like they just took everything great about childhood and stuffed it in a single image. 

Spring is a really great time to get your on location family portraits done. There are plenty of opportunities for fantastic light and everything is so green and fresh. The weather is nice, but not too hot. And everyone is feeling, well, springy. Book your session now to create some beautiful images of your family and get your Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts covered, too.

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