Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tips for a Great Engagement Session - Maryland Engagement Photography

Engagement sessions are all about your love for each other.
You’re engaged! Congratulations! Ready to show off that beautiful ring and share your commitment to each other with a fun engagement portrait session? Here are a few tips to help you have the perfect engagement session.

1) Be Yourselves
It is tempting to try to recreate all the amazing looks you see on Pinterest and your favorite wedding blogs. It is okay to get some inspiration from these places, but don’t try to transform yourselves into a different type of couple. If you are country to the bone, grab your boots and plaid shirts. On the other hand, if you are normally all about the excitement of city life, you won't want to give up your sophisticated evening wear and designer shoes to recreate a charming rustic engagement shoot you saw. Think about what makes you work as a couple and create your session wardrobe and theme around that.

2) Be Your Best
It is a great idea to have a professional do your hair and makeup for your engagement session. After all, these portraits will be on your save the date cards and will be cherished memories for years to come. In addition, your engagement session is a great way to test your hair and make up artist's skills or try a new style you aren't completely sure of before the big day. If you decide to tan, make sure you don't overdo it. You don't want to arrive at your session with that telltale orange glow.

Guys should plan to get a haircut a few days before the day of your engagement session and have a freshly shaven face or well groomed beard and/or mustache.

3) Choose a Great Location
You can certainly have your engagement session in a nearby park, but isn't it so much more meaningful to have your portraits done in the spot where you first met or your favorite restaurant? What about where your partner got down on one knee and asked for your hand in marriage? Every time you see your portraits, you'll remember your engagement session AND the special spot that helped bring you together.

4) Choose Your Wardrobe With Care
You want your clothing to reflect your style, but you'll probably want to shop for new outfits. You probably won't want to match, but your colors and styles should complement each other. One of you could wear blue and one could wear yellow or one of you could try a pattern and the other could pull a solid color from that pattern. Plan to wear darker colors in the winter months and lighter, brighter colors and textures in the spring and summer months. 

Remember that you are the stars of the portraits, not your outfits, so you may want to avoid funky, crazy clothing. If you do opt for something a little wild, you may want to bring along a more neutral wardrobe to change into for at least some of your portraits.

5) Don't Forget to Have Fun
Once your session time starts, relax and have fun. Your engagement session is all about celebrating you as a couple and your love for each other. Tell each other a silly joke, give your partner a tender kiss on the forehead, stop for a loving hug. If your partner is feeling self conscious, take five and regroup. The more you relax and have fun during the engagement session, the better your wedding portraits will be, because you'll already have practiced so many loving and sweet moments during the session!

And once you have selected the perfect date for your big day, you’re ready to order your Save the Dates!
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